Pioneer 700 Series


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Adventure is everywhere with the mid-sized Pioneer 700, ruggedly built for fun at every turn and exploring the great outdoors. Powered by a liquid cooled 675 cc Honda engine, the Pioneer 700 comes in your choice of room for two passengers with its handy tilt cargo box or QuickFlip™ individual folding in-bed passenger seats for up to four people.

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Product Features

Refined Performance

The liquid-cooled 675 cc single-cylinder engine has tons of torque and plenty of power. Fuel injection means it starts right up, even on cold days or at high altitude. And the engine is shear-mounted in its own cradle to help reduce vibration.

Advanced Transmission

The automotive-style automatic transmission uses a heavy-duty torque converter with three hydraulic clutches. It’s tough, with no belts to worry about, and also smart — a two-stage shift map senses when you’re aggressive or light with the throttle, and optimizes power delivery accordingly.

Tackle Any Terrain

Easily shift from 2WD to 4WD. And when you’re in 4WD mode and you need extra traction, just use the lever on the Pioneer’s dash to lock the front differential for extra grip in the toughest situations.

Tight Turning Radius

Need to make a tight turn? Tip-toeing through tricky terrain? A short wheelbase and a tight turning radius makes it easy to manoeuvre out of almost any situation.

Durable Design

Plastic CV joint boots on the driveshafts are durable and tear-resistant.

Powerful Towing Capacity

The tilt box with hydraulic-assist strut can hold up to 454 kg (1,000 lbs.), while the heavy-duty two-inch receiver-style hitch is ready to tow up to 680 kg (1,500 lbs.).

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