Honda Tillers


Honda tillers are smooth running and exceptionally quiet, and our high-quality, commercial-grade features make short work of tough jobs. A single pass with a Honda tiller will comfortably leave behind just what you want – fully conditioned soil that's at its best.


Honda garden tillers and mid-tine tillers are perfect for small and medium gardening jobs.

Ground Breaking

Heavy-duty rear-tine tillers are best for extra large gardens or breaking up hard ground.

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Product Features

Dedicated Technology

Each Honda tiller is built using cutting-edge technology and innovation you just won’t find anywhere else. We've proven that tillers can be powerful without being noisy, overweight and cumbersome. Try one to see and feel the difference for yourself.

Dual Element Air Filtration System

The Honda high-quality, premium air filter protects the tiller from its dusty work environment. Select models feature the Honda "Cyclone" air filter, which extends filter service interval and provides extra protection in extreme dust conditions.

Commercial Grade Transmission

Honda commercial grade transmissions features a heavy-duty drive gear, a front engine guard for added protection and our exclusive Honda-designed hybrid digging/cultivating tines.

Tilling Width

There are five Honda tiller models with tilling widths ranging from 15 cm (6-inches) to 92 cm (36-inches) in size. From small residential gardens to large commercial lots, there’s an ideally suited tiller for every job.

Rear Tine ARS Active Rotary System

Honda Active Rotary System (ARSTM) featured on select models uses a patented co-axial counter-rotating tine drive system, working like a powerful mixer made for soil and resulting in optimum soil texture with minimum effort.

Long Lasting Quality

Honda tillers are premium garden products offering innovative features and durable design, specifically tested and proven with long lasting Honda quality in mind.